Senior Tech Trends: New Health Technology for 2023

We started to see an increase in seniors embracing technology during the height of Covid-19. Many people were shut off from the rest of the world and starving for connection. Whether in a senior living environment or isolating at home, many people turned to their tablets to video chat. Others relied on video calling hubs like Meta Portal, Amazon Echo and Google Nest.

“As more Baby Boomers age into senior and post-acute care services, they’re bringing with them smart devices such as phones, tablets and smart TVs,” according to Health Tech Magazine. “The new generation of older adults is more comfortable with technology than ever before.”

AARP conducted an in-depth study into the technology habits of older adults. Eighty percent of respondents in an online poll said technology has become a big part of their life and it’s used frequently to connect with loved ones.

Meeting the Demand

As the need for senior-focused technology expands, companies are looking into services to increase connectivity, independence, entertainment and more.

The Consumer Technology Association just wrapped up CES 2023, the self-dubbed “most influential tech event in the world.” The conference puts the spotlight on tech trends and innovation.

Some of those proposed ideas include more lifelike robots to foldable cellphones to fancy new cars. Others addressed common issues people face or focused on improving your health.

One Stop Shop

One of the latest products pitched at CES 2023 is aimed to make your smart home smarter, easier and more reliable.

Matter is a universal smart home system that bundles everything together. Basically, you take all of your smart devices from any manufacturer and they work together in one hub. That means your Alexa, security system, heating system, and entertainment can all be connected by one platform.

AARP’s survey found, while older adults want to use more technology, they often find it difficult to learn or navigate. Sixty-eight percent do not believe technology is designed for them to use. That’s why something like Matter could be great for seniors, as it combines multiple devices and programs into one.


Monitoring Your Health

Two innovations to come out of CES 2023 this year involve monitoring your health with the help of your toilet.

U-Scan is a sensor that attaches to your toilet bowl and analyzes your urine. It tracks nutrition, metabolic information, hormones and more.

Meanwhile, the Heart Seat is a smart toilet seat that monitors heart rate, blood oxygen and blood pressure.


Life-Changing Technology

Other proposed technology at CES 2023 focuses on solving health problems or improving the quality of life:

  • Healables: smart clothing to treat chronic pain
  • Orbitor: a smart cushion for your wheelchair to reduce pressure injuries
  • Jabra Enhance Plus: wireless and advanced hearing aids
  • Touchpoints: a non-invasive way to reduce stress and improve focus
  • Xander Glasses: glasses that display real-time captions of in-person conversations to help people with hearing loss
  • Whissp: AI-powered speech technology

While many of these products are newly introduced and haven’t hit the market, they’re game changers in improving the quality of life for older adults.

About Advena Living

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